BiotoBio Virtual Tour: innovation to the nth degree

Using recent technology, which combines 360° panoramic photos and provides a visualisation of spaces and environments that is very close to reality, BiotoBio has created a new communication tool that is truly surprising in terms of its definition and ease of use.

From the comfort of your computer, you can move freely around a building, an exhibition or a stand, choosing from various viewpoints, you can get up close to an interesting product by enlarging it to the maximum, or you can read and download in-depth information on new products and, if you wish, buy them immediately by connecting directly to the Business Area.

In this difficult year, in which the main “in-person” events have been postponed or even cancelled, we felt the need to invent a new way to meet our customers, to be close to them despite the travel restrictions.

This is how the BiotoBio Virtual Tour was born, an initiative with a strong emotional impact that has been greatly appreciated.

To mark the launch of the new products in September 2020, the first Virtual Tour of our headquarters was created. By browsing it, you will feel like stepping into the entrance hall and walking through the corridors of the office building. You will access the novelty room and see every single product, admire the display offered in promotion and the latest brand added to the many BiotoBio exclusives, as well as a selection of the many Food and No-Food items that make up the Christmas catalogue assortment.

We then created the Virtual Tour of our stand at SANA Restart 2020, figuring that several of our customers would have difficulty travelling and visiting the fair this year. We were therefore able to virtually bring our exhibition to you and, thanks to the fidelity of the images, let you experience the pleasure of a personalised visit to the BiotoBio stand assortment.