New BiotoBio social platform: effortless social media marketing.

The easy and effective solution for building your shop’s digital communication.

How important is social media for local businesses? Very. How much time do you have to dedicate to it? Very little, we know. You would like to invest more resources in online communication, especially since you realised its importance during the lockdown period, but you don’t know how to approach it.

During these difficult months, we listened to your problems and difficulties and we took your suggestions on board. So, after a preliminary analysis of the situation, we have come up with a solution to try to help you meet your digital communication needs. We are therefore happy to present you the new BiotoBio social platform, which allows us to quickly and easily connect the communication of the brands distributed by Biotobio with the businesses (like yours) of all those who resell their products.

How does it work? BiotoBio plans on the platform at least 6 posts per month dedicated to its main distributed brands. You, the retailer who joined the initiative, can decide which of these posts will be automatically published on the Facebook page of your shop, as if they were original content. The posts studied by Biotobio’s Social Media Strategist and not deleted by the retailer will be directly published online.

Real magic, isn’t it? What are the advantages for you? You can use a platform that helps you manage your social networks, you can minimise the time spent on digital communication, increasing the quality of your communication, you can have dedicated content, you can create quality posts using the skills of Biotobio Marketing & Communication Department, you can retain your current customers and increase your visibility to potential customers. Do you think this could be the right solution for your business? Haven’t you joined the initiative yet? Ask your local agent for more information!