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Our BiotoBio Brands

Baule volante

Baule Volante: the future is an organic story

Born in Bologna in 1987. A brand that encompasses craftsmanship, taste, and innovation. The careful choice of raw materials and attention to production processes give life to a wide range of good, genuine products.

La Finestra sul Cielo

La Finestra sul Cielo: the taste of well-being

La Finestra sul Cielo S.p.a. has been operating in the organic food market since 1978, distributing food products throughout Italy and abroad, with particular attention to products for food intolerances, macrobiotic and vegan nutrition.

Fior di loto

Fior di Loto: with you since 1972

Born at the beginning of the 1970s, the Fior di Loto includes basic pantry products. Excellent organic raw materials carefully selected and combined to offer unique treats to bring to your table every day.

Quinua Real

Quinoa Real: organic quinoa grains

Quinoa Real is the fair-trade brand for quinoa products made from raw materials from Bolivia. Made using sustainable methods, and since 2020 with 100% compostable, gluten-free and vegan packaging.


Sglut: the organic break for everyone

The Sglut ® range of products was created to meet the increasingly specific needs of consumers. It offers sweet and savoury gluten-free and dairy-free products with particular attention to the quality of the raw materials used.


ViviBio: more taste for life

Vivibio® was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting organic food products, also designed for food intolerances, and making them as easily available as possible to the general public.

Bene Bio

BeneBio: organic done the right way!

BeneBio means the selection of the best raw materials and controlled and certified organic products following food safety standards and the organic regulations. Transparency, simplicity and clarity of content are the key principles according to which BeneBio develops its products.


Fiordiluna: designed for women

A brand dedicated to personal care and intimate well-being, while respecting the environment. Fiordiluna products, made of only organic cotton grown without pesticides and GMO-free, are ideal if you suffer from allergies and rashes.

I Freschi di Fior di Loto

I Freschi Fior di Loto: fresh organic products

All Fior di Loto’s experience and passion for healthy and organic food in a wide range of organic products to be refrigerated, prepared and packaged with love and passion and using only the best organic raw materials.


Zer%: organic products for everyone

Tailor-made but good for the whole family! Our Zer% brand includes a wide variety of tasty and balanced products that are guaranteed to be free of allergenic ingredients: milk and lactose, gluten, or yeast.

Cento % vegetale

Cent%Vegetale: nature’s good stuff

Discover Cent%Vegetale’s wide range of organic products for your pantry and fridge. Lots of delicious, original, and tasty vegan alternatives to make your recipes perfect and inspire you in the kitchen.

Bio Ice

Bio Ice: ice lollies to freeze

Bio Ice produces organic pasteurised liquid preparations. One of the special features of these ready-to-freeze lollies is the use of concentrated grape juice as a sweetener.


BioCroc: the organic gluten-free snack

Biocroc products are a healthy and light way to fill your hunger pangs. Crunchy and tasty snacks, also ideal as an aperitif. Biocroc products are not fried because the maize kernel is compressed in a special production process into a ‘crisp’ shape.


Biomerenda: taste always in your pocket

Biomerenda products are the convenient, pocket-sized solution for your organic break. High-quality organic raw materials and a short recipe are the secrets of a tasty and healthy snack for young and old.


GoNuts: all the benefits of fruit!

With GoNuts everyone goes crazy for dried and sundried fruits, seeds, and super foods! Available in the classic pack or in the practical snack format, GoNuts products contain only carefully selected organic ingredients and are perfect for flavouring your favourite dishes.


Semplice&Bio: nothing but taste

Semplice&Bio represents nature through the simplest and most precious things it has to offer. The range includes fruit-based products such as fruit juices with 34% to 60% fruit content, as well as unprocessed and dried fruit and delicious iced teas.

Buongiorno Bio

Buongiorno Bio: the ultimate energy-boosting breakfast

Buongiorno Bio product line is a sort of “act of love”: breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for this reason it must be made with the best raw materials. That’s why, over time, the range of Buongiorno Bio products has expanded, offering products without milk, yeast, and palm oil.

Antica Memoria

Antica Memoria: flavours of the past

The rediscovery of the biodiversity of Italy’s cereals was born in the heart of Sicily’s ancient grains: Antica Memoria, an organic line based on the valorisation of the producers and artisans of the territories and which belongs above all to those who feed it.


Free.sh: the drink you don’t expect

Free.sh is the ideal alternative to traditional fizzy drinks. It contains no refined sugars and is made with 100% organic ingredients and a simple recipe that combines natural mineral water with concentrated fruit juices.


Mensana: a matter of balance

Mensana provides all the best that nature has to offer with a wide range of supplements, functional foods, teas and herbal teas. All herbal teas are packed with organic cotton thread. Teas are carefully selected in Asia to obtain an organic blend with a delicate taste.

Storie di semi

Storie di semi: biodiversity on the table

Storie di semi was born out of a desire to promote agriculture that respects biodiversity and to safeguard cereals that have left a lasting mark on history: Cappelli durum wheat, timilia, biancolilla, perciasacchi, russello and khorasan. Once upon a time there were so many stories about seeds. Rediscover them on your table.

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