The brands distributed


The brands distributed

Provamel: organic plant-based foods

Provamel was founded in 1938 as Alpro’s organic line, a European pioneer and market leader in vegetable drinks and beverages. Starting with vegetable soya milk, in recent years it has launched new drinks based on nuts and cereals, with organic ingredients and no artificial flavours.

Rapunzel: organic for over 40 years

It is one of the best-known organic brands in Europe. In 1974, Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen set up the family business that was to become a benchmark in the organic sector and grow from a small organic shop into a world market leader.

IsolaBio: from the earth to your heart

Isola Bio® was founded in 1999: a small brand that chose to revolutionise the world of vegetable drinks from that moment on, making what was a convenient option for the most courageous a daily choice, tasty and enjoyable for everyone.

Yogi Tea: feel good, be good, do good

For over 40 years, YOGI TEA® has been synonymous with delicious herbal and spice infusions based on unique Ayurvedic recipes rooted in the 3,000-year history of Indian philosophy. “Serving others” – this is the philosophy behind Yogi Tea’s work, offering premium products to consumers and meeting the needs of employees, customers, communities and farmers.

Biodynamic farm Cascine Orsine: where frogs still sing

Today, Cascine Orsine – a pioneer of biodynamic production in Italy – produce many products and each tell their own story, combining scent and taste with the essential values of health, vitality and energy: the result of harmony, rigour and passion born of a land that has been loved and cultivated using only biodynamic methods since 1976.

Berchtesgadener Land: organic mountain milk.

In 1927 some 50 farmers got together to form a cooperative: they processed 700 kg of milk every day. That is 0.1 per cent of today’s quantity. Today, Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land is entirely owned by its 1,800 member farmers and breeders, whose farms are located in the beautiful Bavarian Alps.

Biolab: the natural quality of food

For thirty years Biolab has contributed to building the history of organic vegetarian and vegan food in Italy. The aim has always been to achieve the highest quality of products in terms of taste, nutrition and organoleptics, starting with the sourcing of raw materials, often at KM0, controlled and certified, preceded by constant relations with the farmers.

Cascina Bianca: freshness first

Since 1989 Cascina Bianca has been creating excellent organic products, respecting both tradition and nature. Quality is not a goal reached once and for all but is a daily path of control of raw materials and finished products and a continuous selection and verification of suppliers.

Sonnentor: where harmony grows, naturally

Located in the Waldeviertel region of Austria, Sonnentor stands for high quality products from organic farming. It firmly believes that herbs are true panaceas and that each plant can only develop its full therapeutic power in its entirety.


The brands distributed


Bjobj: the line that uses the best of nature

Bjobj is an Italian company founded in 2003 based on the values of ecology, naturalness, and organic products. Its products, all vegan, subjected to the Nickel Test and formulated with vegetable ingredients from organic farming, are ICEA certified and contain only fragrances of exclusive natural derivation.

Biohappy: certified eco-organic and vegan cosmetics

BioHappy is an eco-organic company based in Forlì that produces cosmetics for all age groups. The line consists of shower gels, moisturising body lotions and 100% natural perfumes. Innovation and creativity are the keywords of BioHappy products: vegan, nickel tested and with recyclable packaging.

Lavera: organic and natural cosmetics for more than 25 years

Thomas Haase started developing effective and 100% natural cosmetics with the foundation of Laverana and the brand lavera on 23 November 1987. One of the most important players in the natural organic cosmetics market, Lavera controls all production processes and takes care of the entire supply chain in-house.

Benecos: eco-organic make-up and cosmetics at small prices

Benecos is a German company that offers a line of natural cosmetics, certified by BDIH and PETA (NO animal testing), at affordable price. The basis of each product is a mixture of vegetable ingredients and mineral pigments, without artificial colourings, paraffins, silicones or parabens.

Cattier: gentle and effective beauty and hygiene products

Cattier Paris was founded in 1968 by Pierre Cattier, one of the pioneers of the Harmonist movement in France. With a strong focus on gentle medicine, he immediately devoted himself to developing products based on clay and natural ingredients. Even today, Cattier is synonymous with respect for the environment.

Lamazuna: eco-organic and fully vegan cosmetics

Lamazuna is a French company known for its zero-waste philosophy, solid vegan cosmetics and environmental awareness at every stage of production and distribution. The company uses few ingredients, all of vegetable origin and biodegradable.

Biolù: sustainable living is a daily choice

Based in Lucca, Italy, Biolù produces certified organic detergents and cosmetics in accordance with the principles of environmental compatibility and social equity: all its formulations have a high percentage of botanical extracts from organic farming. The products are also sustainable in terms of packaging, thanks to the “loose” and ” returnable packaging” lines.

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