Why Choose BiotoBio

Who we are

BiotoBio is a young brand, born in 2019 from the fusion of two historical and established companies in the Italian organic sector: Baule Volante and Fior di Loto. Both were pioneers in this market. They started their activity – Fior di Loto in 1972, Baule Volante in 1987 – in times when supporting organic farming was still a choice of a few enlightened entrepreneurs. The key value that inspired their birth was first of all the diffusion of the Organic culture as a vital source for human health, for the protection of the environment and for the preservation of biodiversity. Concepts that still guide the company’s development today. A careful and rigorous selection of the best raw materials, the development of innovative products with reference to food intolerances and the distribution of the most important organic and biodynamic brands: sharing this same vision of business development, Baule Volante and Fior di Loto in 2017 have sanctioned the strategic alliance that gave birth, 2 years after the merger, to BiotoBio srl. With the same aims, La Finestra sul Cielo joined in January 2021, helping to strengthen BiotoBio’s leading position. La finestra sul Cielo was founded in 1978, a vertical company that includes packaging, production, and distribution facilities for organic products in Italy and abroad, which strongly believes in its mission, namely the distribution of foods that are in line with the principles of environmental sustainability and human well-being.


BiotoBio is a young brand, but it embraces the history, experience, and mission of the realities from which it originated: the protection of the territory and the safeguarding of biodiversity, the control of the supply chain and assortments.

The key values are those of research and development of the best raw materials and products that are integral to their organoleptic heritage, with particular attention to the social component, to the health of both men and the land, the distribution of the best organic and biodynamic brands, and the offer of indispensable consultancy and training services.

Quality research

BiotoBio selects the best organic products available on the market, choosing only the healthiest and most complete in their nutritional heritage, while guaranteeing the highest quality and control of the supply chain and assortments.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Through the selection of the best organic brands, we protect the environment, biodiversity, workers in the supply chain and people’s health, thus guaranteeing healthy, good and honest food obtained without synthetic chemicals, GMOs, radiation and useless additives.

Care for the customer

BiotoBio offers retailers and partners highly specialised advice and efficient and flexible commercial services that are adapted to the needs of individual customers.

Respect for tradition

There is no future without looking to the past, and BiotoBio knows this well: the historical identities of its own brands, Baule Volante, Fior di Loto and La Finestra sul Cielo, continue to be the focus of communication activities aimed at the end consumer.

Organic culture

BiotoBio believes both in the promotion and dissemination of the organic culture, through the distribution of the most important Italian and international brands combined with the research and development of new products to meet any nutritional need.