Fruit and Vegetables

Organic, fresh, and seasonal

The best of organic fruit and vegetables, grown without using pesticides and harvested according to seasonality, land rotation and valuing the farmers who lovingly respect our Earth every day.

Every week we offer a rich selection of high-quality, seasonal organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables, grown in accordance with ethical and environmental values by farmers handpicked for their professionalism and reliability.

In line with the sustainability of the project, our fruit and vegetables are supplied in folding crates. We use use the Rfid (Radio Frequency Identification) system to manage the exchange of crates. This allows the registration of the crates that leave and return to the BiotoBio warehouse, thus feeding the virtuous circle of reuse through which the environmental impact of packaging is eliminated.

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Quality and transparency are the pillars upon which our company is based. Every day, thanks to our widespread distribution throughout Italy, we reach thousands of herbalists, natural food shops, activities and pharmacies. Become a customer in a few simple steps and enter a world of certified products and ad-hoc services dedicated to professional operators.

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