BiotoBio in support of families in difficulty

From #spesasospesa to the donation of products, a series of activities throughout the country to help people in difficulty and those who are personally fighting the Coronavirus.

BiotoBio – a leading organic company and distributor of both Baule Volante and Fior di Loto brands – has become active in the fight against the Coronavirus through the so-called “suspended shopping” throughout Italy and has selected three other projects in Turin, Milan and Bologna in which it is participating with product donations.

#Spesasospesa (suspended shopping) is an initiative created to join forces with BiotoBio’s partner customers throughout Italy to support the donation of essential products to families and people in need.  BiotoBio is distributing thousands of products free of charge to local shops participating in the initiative: each shop will choose the organisation to which the products will be donated and will organise the distribution with them. Customers of participating shops will also be able to contribute to the #spesasospesa project through the food collection organised in the shops. BiotoBio has also chosen to donate more than 600 Fior di Loto branded staple products, including Zer%Gluten rice pasta, fruit compotes and tomato puree, to the Slow Food Condotta Torino CittĂ  association, which is supporting 5 local canteens providing hot meals to families in need and the homeless.

In Milan, BiotoBio supports GuestHero’s (a company specialising in short term rentals) #IoAproCasa project, which provides rooms and B&Bs near hospitals for healthcare staff engaged in the tough fight against the Coronavirus. In order to make the stay more pleasant for the medical staff, who for the sake of caution do not return to their families or come from other cities, BiotoBio has provided the flats with various organic products, such as Biscuits with oat flakes, Apple Juices, Mini Honeys and Mini Fior di Loto Jams.

Finally, BiotoBio donated over 700 Baule Volante branded staple products, including Legumi italiani, SoloFrutta in various flavours and Brioscine al cioccolato, to support the Antoniano – Opere Francescane di Bologna canteen, which guarantees a hot meal to the needy every day and prepares daily food kits distributed to families in distress.